Agrihorti employs a full-time staff of Agricultural Consultants and Environmentalists and can call on the expertise of Horticulturists, Accountants, Legal, Safety, Environment and Property experts on a project-by-project basis. Agrihorti offers advice, support and solutions to our clients to ensure their business or enterprise is running as efficiently and effectively as possible.We specialise in providing agricultural and horticultural related consultancy services to individual farmers, gardeners, companies and organisations.

Work Activities

  • Corresponding with clients to identify and evaluate their business or technical requirements.
  • Measuring performance and analysing data such as crop yield.
  • Attending meetings, organising seminars, classes, farm demonstrations and group sessions.
  • Writing advisory leaflets, technical notes, press releases and articles.
  • Completing planning applications.
  • Handling the business, compliance and paperwork issues surrounding modern farming and Hortifarming.
  • Undertaking administrative duties, managing budgets and accounts, updating information, and preparing reports.
  • Keeping up to date with relevant developments.

Farm Management

We provide specialist services not normally provided by others to farmers, landowners and farm managers.

We have a long history of contributing original and successful solutions to out-of-the-ordinary problems as well as providing day-to-day technical advice in respect of soil, water, nutrient and other resource aspects of a variety of modern rural businesses.

These include:

  • Soil surveys for land use suitability; fertiliser recommendation and farm waste management plans
  • Management of agricultural and off-farm wastes and their application to land
  • Composting
  • New farm and Glasshouses infrastructure layout, management and planning including farm buildings, crop storage facilities and reservoirs
  • Regulation and environmental permitting
  • Farm diversification and equestrian enterprises
  • Grant aid and agricultural support schemes

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